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The Creative Talent.

Stefani Longshamp
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I grew up in the treed foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California and have travelled the world creating my own adventures. My taste for adventure started when, as a teenager, I explored mines and deep ravines, surviving what I considered “legendary escapades” with some pretty unforgettable sidekicks for friends. I've tried my luck at hot chocolate-making exploits in Central America, lived and moved across the U.S. multiple times, and in recent years, have acquired a (debatably) healthy addiction to European cuisine, traveling oversees countless times. 

I amassed what I like to call “cinematic stories of life” and lessons learned from all the adventures—I try to combine this and the magic of film together to bring a different perspective to my projects. 


Officially, I attended Maine Media College, sold a commercial or two, shot some documentaries, and worked on Hollywood and TV sets. 

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