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About Gaffboy Productions. 

When I quit my job in 2006 and purchased my first professional video camera, I knew I wanted to make a career in film but I wasn't sure how to get started. I came up with my first project: a documentary about my grandpa and an experience he had when he was 14 living on the prairies in southern Alberta, Canada. It was a passion project that would later define my interests in filmmaking and my approach to the craft. 

Since 2006, I attended film school at Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine, and have worked on movie and TV sets, short films, and countless ads, promos and other video projects. I've written, directed, edited and produced most of these projects with crews and as a solo filmmaker. If I've learned one thing from all of this experience, it's that I appreciate and have talents for telling stories that are real and personal. I've come to love the documentary and Cinéma Vérité styles of filmmaking which have influenced many of my projects. Why documentary style? It's characterized by something not so common in today's world: time. It takes time to get to know someone. It takes time to tell individuals and their perspectives. And it takes time to tell someone's story the way they see it. Taking time to get to know individuals and then bring their vision to light is what makes filmmaking the amazing medium that it is—IMHO.

Back at film school, when we weren't directing or on camera, we took turns as gaffer, Best Boy and other crew positions. To keep from getting too bored, a few of us came up with nicknames for each other and played games behind the scenes (pun not intended) The names we came up with had something to do with "the adventures of Gaffboy and Whipping Lad." Thus, the name "Gaffboy Productions" came to light (pun intended ;)  



Here are a few of the clients I've worked with in the past. 

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