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about gaffboy


about gaffboy.

The name was born on the set of a film project in the picturesque backroads of Camden, Maine. "The adventures of gaffboy and whipping lad" somehow came of this as a way for us to have a little fun on set while working the lights behind the scenes.


Fast forward a few years and the name now reminds me of some amazing experiences: like brisk mornings on the Eastern shores setting up dolly tracks in the dark to "get that shot" of the rising sun, filming for hours on our knees to capture a rolling ball make a perfect strike in a game of candlestick bowling, or working with 8 boys all under the age of 10 in a decrepit house to recreate a story as a prequel to Peter Pan.  


It's all about the story.


That's what comes to mind for me when I think of "Gaffboy" Productions—my time learning and perfecting the craft of storytelling and the excitement of seeing the idea move from idea, to a conversation, then to paper, plan, and production. Nothing has changed for me since that time. The best part for me is the look on their face, when you can tell from their reaction that the final cut truly is the final cut. That's the payoff and it's what I aim for with every production.  

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Creative Services


Need help getting your idea on paper and turning it into a script? Let's talk.

Film Production


Commercials. Short films. You name it. From site selection to the final edited piece, we'll help with the entire production. 

Real Estate Video

Priest River

Turn your boring listing into a an amazing lifestyle video that increases traffic to your site and helps sell your home. 

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Campbell Homestead in Laclede
Opening for Missing Peace
Keep It Nature
The 400 Club
Blood Work
Laclede Dockside


The best part of what we do is working with great people and organizations. Here are a few of them.

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